♥i love u will b♥

星期三, 十月 5

last day b a vegetarian

Today is the last day to a vegetarian ..

me very kam pa leh ..

alrdy cal friend tonight come out eat KFC

FN don put 747 har =))

i will waiting u ..

but ltr leave work the traffic very jam ><''

bc the parade

i decide le ..

smoke 1 cigarette in mum car

ho liao leh??

aiya ..forget tell u all

today is the real day my friend b'day

stand bside me 1 =))


me go Penang hill..

i think very many thing play..

but juz..

Landscape nice only ..

and the air ..

i take many pic ..=))

come c it ..

havent go up yet..sit in the car

stand in car

goin up

reach up thr

at the hotel


at thr old train

take a pic v flower and end our trip

___end at here___