♥i love u will b♥

星期三, 十月 5

last day b a vegetarian

Today is the last day to a vegetarian ..

me very kam pa leh ..

alrdy cal friend tonight come out eat KFC

FN don put 747 har =))

i will waiting u ..

but ltr leave work the traffic very jam ><''

bc the parade

i decide le ..

smoke 1 cigarette in mum car

ho liao leh??

aiya ..forget tell u all

today is the real day my friend b'day

stand bside me 1 =))


me go Penang hill..

i think very many thing play..

but juz..

Landscape nice only ..

and the air ..

i take many pic ..=))

come c it ..

havent go up yet..sit in the car

stand in car

goin up

reach up thr

at the hotel


at thr old train

take a pic v flower and end our trip

___end at here___

星期五, 九月 30


i wan go take pmr bo..

i now working is no need pmr la..

but ><...

i don knw how..

my dream always in my heart..

but also no need pmr 1..

my hair colour..


my nail..



my work..

but i scare i miss it..


u think how?

星期四, 九月 29

my own life

write abit about my own life

is keep boring lo


i wan go b a Nun


than i will have a clean heart ..

no so many thing wan to worry..

do a long vegetarian


don say the thing liao la..

dream dream dream..

dream until when..

my life is working + eating + sleeping

who knw me sad?


who wan acc me go travel..

i wan go ply ..

i wan gila liao T^T

___end at here___

星期三, 九月 28

这要特别谢谢xiao ying 哦..




That day is my dear friend do b'day..

i long time din saw her also ♥

i miss her so much..

she go until batang working,,

how i find her..><

see her pic v FN ♥

hair got same green 1 is b'day girl xD

nice or not..?


me and FN buy the cake gv her..

 nice cake ..but too small >.<''

just we eat only xD

other ppl eat a little bit only..

take a photo v FN..


that day ppl all say me ang mo gao >.<

ah la...

ltr we take pic 2geter

haha..they say wan like that 1 ..=)

other is they take 2geter

smoking girl xD

smoking is healty ok?


really is many pic d..

but SP d camere momery card broken d@@


memory always in our heart ..

SP is very sad..

nvm la..

still got next time..

i wait u take off day =P

my life still like lo..

same ..


i eat 10 days vegetables

i like to eat..

but very fast hungry xP

___end at here___